2023 – Using group level factor models

Innes, R. J., Stevenson, N., Gronau, Q. F., Miletić, S., Heathcote, A., Forstmann, B., & Brown, S. (in press). Using group level factor models to resolve high dimensionality in model-based sampling. Psychological Methods. 

2023 – Greater Target or Lure

Chen, H., Heathcote, A., Sauer, J., Palmer, M., & Osth, A. (2023). Greater target or lure variability? An exploration on the effects of stimulus types and memory paradigms. Memory & Cognition.

2023 – Cognitive Control of Choices

Heathcote, A., Verbruggen, F., Boehler, C.N., & Matzke, D. (in press). Cognitive control of choices and action. In B.U. Forstmann & B. Turner (Eds.), An introduction to model-based cognitive neuroscience (2nd ed.). Springer.

2021 – Does Every Study?

Haaf, J. M., & Rouder, J. N. (in press). Does Every Study? Implementing Ordinal Constraint in Meta-Analysis. Psychological Methods.