2022 – Beyond rates: Time-varying dynamics

Nunez, M. D., Charupanit, K., Sen-Gupta, I., Lopour, B. A., Lin, J. J. (2022). Beyond rates: Time-varying dynamics of high frequency oscillations as a biomarker of the seizure onset zone. Journal of Neural Engineering., 19, 016034.

2021 – Prior information use and response caution

Retzler, C., Boehm, U., Jing, C., Cochrane, A., & Manning, C. (2021). Prior information use andresponse caution in perceptual decision-making: No evidence for a relationship with autistic-like traits.Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology, 74(11): 1953–1965.

2021 – Perceptual decisionmaking in children

Manning, C., Wagenmakers, E.-J., Norcia, A. M., Serif, G., & Boehm, U. (2021). Perceptual decisionmakingin children: Age-related differences and EEG correlates. Computational Brain & Behavior, 4, 53-69.

2021 – Revisiting the Remember-Know Task

Haaf, J. M., Rhodes, S., Naveh-Benjamin, M., Sun, T. K., Snyder, H. K., & Rouder, J. N. (2021). Revisiting the Remember-Know Task: Replications of Gardiner and Java (1990). Memory & Cognition, 49, 46-66. [OSF project]

2021 – The Smart Distance Lab

Blanken, T. F., Tanis, C. C., Nauta, F. H., Dablander, F., Zijlstra B., Bouten, R. R. M., Oostvogel, Q. H., Boersma, M. J., Van der Steenhoven, F., Van Harreveld, F., De Wit, S., & Borsboom, D. (in press). Promoting physical… Continue reading →