2020 – Using evidence accumulation modeling

Parker, S., Heathcote, A., & Finkbeiner, M. (2020). Using evidence accumulation modeling to quantify the relative contributions of spatial attention and saccade preparation in perceptual tasks. Journal of Experimental Psychology. Human Perception and Performance, 46(4), 416–433.

2020 – Crowdsourcing hypothesis tests

Landy, J. F., Jia, M. (Liam), Ding, I. L., Viganola, D., Tierney, W., Dreber, A., Johannesson, M., Pfeiffer, T., Ebersole, C. R., Gronau, Q. F., Ly, A., van den Bergh, D., Marsman, M., Derks, K., Wagenmakers, E.-J., Proctor, A., Bartels,… Continue reading →

2020 – bridgesampling: An R Package

Gronau, Q. F., Singmann, H., & Wagenmakers, E.-J. (2020). bridgesampling: An R package for estimating normalizing constants. Journal of Statistical Software, 92(1), 1–29.

2020 – Reconsidering the Electrophysiological Markers

Skippen, P., Fulham, W.R., Michie, P.T., Matzke, D., Heathcote, A., & Karayanidis, F. (2020). Reconsidering electrophysiological markers of response inhibition in light of trigger failures in the stop-signal task. Psychophysiology, 57, e13619.