2023 – Building a Transdisciplinary Expert Consensus

Albertella, L., Kirkham R, …, Heathcote, A., …, & Yücel M. (2023). Building a transdisciplinary expert consensus on the cognitive drivers of performance under pressure: An international multi-panel Delphi study. Frontiers in Psychology: Performance Science, 13, 1017675.

2023 – Multifactorial Structure of Cognitive Assessment Tests

Ciobanu, L.G., Stankov, L., Ahmed, M., Heathcote, A., Clark, S.R., & Aidman, E. (2023). Multifactorial structure of cognitive assessment tests in the UK Biobank: A combined exploratory factor and structural equation modelling analyses. Frontiers in Psychology: Cognition. 

2023 – Investigating Intra-Individual Networks

Isherwood, S.J.S, Bazin, P.L., Miletic, S., Stevenson, N.R., Trutti, A.C., Tse, D.H.Y, Heathcote, A., Matzke, D., Innes, R.J., Habli, S., Sokolowski, D.R., Alkemade, A., Haberg, A.K., & Forstmann, B.U. (2023). Investigating intra-individual networks of response inhibition and interference resolution using… Continue reading →

2023 – A Solution to the Reliability Paradox

Kucina, T., Wells, L., Lewis, I., de Salas, K., Kohl, A., Palmer, M., Sauer, J.D., Matzke, D., Aidman, E., & Heathcote, A. (2023). A solution to the reliability paradox for decision-conflict tasks. Nature Communications.

2023 – Cognitive Process Modeling Addresses

Weigard, A., Matzke, D., Tanis, C., & Heathcote, A. (2023). Cognitive process modeling addresses context independence violations in the ABCD study stop-signal task. Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience, 59, 101191.