Michael D. Nunez

I work as an assistant professor in the Psychological Methods Unit of the University of Amsterdam. I received my PhD in Psychology with a concentration in Cognitive Neuroscience from the University of California, Irvine in 2017 and a MS in Statistics from the same university in 2015.

In general my research focus is on model-based Cognitive Neuroscience, such that I use mathematical modelling to understand the brain and mind. I am currently working on two lines of research: (1) to further understanding of decision making and cognitive differences across individuals and (2) to classify and model markers of epilepsy and related cognitive impairments. I evaluate electrical signals recorded from the brain (often using scalp-recorded EEG) while also evaluating human behaviour during experiments. To answer specific scientific questions with this data, I often use signal processing methods and Bayesian hierarchical statistical modelling.

Publications by Michael D. Nunez